2019 Workshops

The Law and your Community
(Legal Rights and Community and Police Interaction)
The Law and Your Community (The Traffic Stop): an interactive scenario base presentation to develop, strengthen, and revitalize community and law enforcement relations. Come learn the do’s and don’ts when stop by law enforcement.
13 Reasons
(Abuse, Bullying, Sexting, etc)
Teenagers today have many issues that they face which cause them to second guess themselves or make poor decisions. Young people feel so much pressure to look a certain way, act a certain way, and to fit in with the popular crowd. Add in social media and now everything is displayed for the whole world to view. Getting likes on social sites and being visible is the new norm. Unfortunately, what happens is that no one is actually paying attention to their peer(s) in real life. Days go by without real contact or personal connection, and the teen who is suicidal or having suicide ideation go unnoticed; therefore creating the perfect stage for 13 Reasons.
Escape Room The Youths will work cooperatively to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in a room in order to progress and accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time.
Intimate Violence in Relationships & Consent (What a Healthy relationship looks like. (Workshop).
This workshop will help teens identify the difference between a healthy relationship versus that of violent relationship.
Teenage Pregnancy and STD/HIV/AIDS This workshop is designed to provide awareness to the danger of sexually transmitted deseases and teenage pregnancy.
Résumé Writing Representing yourself on paper is a huge part of convincing an employer that you are the professional that they’re looking for. Teaching how to create a great Professional Profile Statement.
My Brother’s Keeper The focus of the “My Brother’s Keeper” workshop is to foster a discussion or storytelling session from brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity who will share their thoughts on brotherhood & accountability and how their interpretation of it has grown as they’ve grown as men. I want each panelist to be allotted time to share their perspective.
My Sister’s Keeper Empower young women and their parents to see the importance of positive connections with themselves and those around them.  Providing techniques and tools to show them how to be kind, encouraging, protective, knowledgeable and respectful in their lives and the community around them.  Teaching them accountability for their choices and helping guide them to make wise decisions.
 Get the Job: Bringing the Total Package Teaches how to complete an application, how to prepare for an interview, and how to get acclimated in your role.
Another Way Up
(Technical Certifications) (IT, Electrical, etc)
This workshop is designed to explore, engage, and teach participants about many of the educational options and programs available at Northern Virginia Community College. Topics covered will include transitioning to NOVA as a first-year student, NOVA degree programs of study, career readiness programs, student life, and much more. This is a workshop that you will not want to miss!
Computer Game Design Participants of this workshop will enjoy the experience of learning how to design computer games.
College Panel
(The College Experience)
This is another Round Table experience where the Youths will have an opportunity to engage with college students who are presently students or have previously experienced the college campus life.
An interactive workshop focusing on teaching our Youths some basic fundamentals and characteristics of leadership.
(Information-College Preparations)
Presentation focused on application deadlines, preparation of the personal statement, what it means for an institution to be accredited, and how to communicate with the admissions office.
(Technology-IT Certifications)
A workshop that will be centered around educated Youths with knowledge on how an IT Certification can benefit you throughout your professional journey.
Fundamentals of Finance Achieving financial wealth is very achievable goal when you start early. This work shop will be centered around understanding financial management at an early age.